The ComfyCozy Philosophy

ComfyCozy is an award winning luxury beauty, bath and homeware brand whose mission is to help you relax in premium comfort whilst cozy at home. Our purpose is to endorse a life of wellness and self care, which is translated through our high quality products and deluxe product packaging

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ComfyCozy Crystal Shower Steamers

ComfyCozy Crystal Shower Steamers are a brand new revolutionary new patented concept that has been developed with an upgraded aroma that is 5x more powerful than any other steamer, and a specially designed new mould that lasts twice as long.

Our Crystal Shower Steamers provide the ultimate at home spa aromatherapy pamper experience. With our unique beauty formula of healing crystals and real essential oils you can rebalance and rejuvenate your energy levels to become a healthier, happier, more relaxed you! Let the days stress melt away as you treat yourself to one of our amazing Crystal Shower Steamers.

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ComfyCozy Japanese Incense Burner Set

ComfyCozy Incense Burner is a stunning new design that is guaranteed to be an eye catching ornament in your home, office or wellness studio. Tired of boring wooden and busy designs, we have worked tirelessly to develop a modern and functional incense burner that suits a minimal luxury contemporary age. Our aromatherapy defusers incorporate a fashionable wood and brass finish, with an impeccable focus on quality that is crafted to last. All burners come with 30 sandalwood incense sticks, 20 sandalwood cones, and brass tongs.

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